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Original Gutter Cover prevents debris from entering your gutters.
The Original Gutter Cover gutter protection system is an affordable solution to that messy and dangerous job! Its patented design lets water flow freely through your gutters while leaves and debris simply fall to the ground!


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Original Gutter Cover maintains your home's curb appeal.
Protect your most valuable assets; Yourself and your Home with Original Gutter Cover.
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Gutters clogged with Leaves in the Fall and Spring
As a homeowner you know how important it is to maintain an efficient clog-free gutter system.... You also know cleaning gutters can be a dangerous and messy job!
You'll love having maintenance-free gutters that keep you and your home safe all year round!
No more Debris and Leaves to clean up!
Original Gutter Cover maintains your home's curb appeal.
The OGC gutter protection system maintains your home's curb appeal. You can't hardly tell it's there!
We invite you to enjoy a short, in-home presentation of the Original Gutter Cover gutter protection system. The presentation and in-home estimate is free. Simply Click Here, fill out the short form, and we'll contact you.
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In Business Since 1984
STOP Cleaning Gutters!
Stop Cleaning Gutters with Original Gutter Cover.
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"I was so surprised at how affordable the OGC system was! We don't ever worry about cleaning out gutters anymore!"
-- K. Cohara
-- B. Hensler writes;I'm too darn old to be climbing ladders and running around on my roof. And I sure am not going to let my wife do it! Finding a younger person to clean out our gutters was scary because what would happen if he fell? The Original Gutter Cover was the answer! We love it and recommend it to all our Senior Friends!
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